I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.

           Nelson Mandela

About zenmotero

Inspirational and independent adventure motorcycle travel guide for overlanding the Americas. Solo.

Get inspired and learn everything from preparing your motorcycle travel, overland journey and itinerary, choosing the right motorcycle and equipment, picking scenic and adventerous travel routes, must see destinations, overcoming obstacles, managing crisis situations, crossing difficult borders, recommendations on accommodations and food.

Overlanding the Americas

Inspirational Key Note Talk “Uncertainty – A Motorcycle Adventure into the Unknown”

Dominik Reinhard had everything. A successful career as business man in the life science industry, a master in Business Administration at one of the world’s most renowned business schools, a jet-setter lifestyle, great friends and a supportive family. But was he truly happy? No…

A world trip into the unknown should deliver answers. Answers to the true meaning of happiness. He gave up his apartment, quit his job, sold all of his belongings, told his family and friends good bye and started an epic adventure into the unknown. An adventure full of uncertainty which resulted in 10 fundamental life learnings and an incremental change of his life philosophy. 10 life learnings which inspire to think about the purpose of life and help to start an own transitional self-development journey […].

eCourse “Learn how to overland the Americas with a motorcycle with NO prior experience”

In this course you will learn everything about overlanding the Americas with a Motorcycle. Did you ever think about how to learn overlanding and did not know where to start, then you came to the right place.  I start off in my first section teaching you how to prepare your journey, getting you mentally fit.

It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.

Edmund Hillary

As the course progresses I get more into technical details and teach the challenges in choosing the right motorcycle and equipment. You will develop skills that I have learned during my own overland adventure of the Americas.

In this course I will take you from an insecure “want-to-be-adventurer” to a motorcycle owning, confident overlander! I show you in a step wise approach what to consider […].

Road flooding in the Northeast of Brazil

About me

I am Dominik, a German Solo Motorcycle Adventure Rider. Highly curious about life, I love exploring new countries, people and cultures. I love to be independent, free and enjoy to be in close contact with nature and all its forces… wind, (rain), sunshine, clouds, fog… This is the moment when I truly feel alive. More…

Carretera Austral

My Philosophy


zenmotero is a free blog, enabling everyone to profit from my experience of overlanding the Americas by motorcycle. I have no sponsorships and all reviews are independent and unbiased. Nevertheless, To keep the blog updated and running I have to invest a lot of my personal time and money. If you want to support me and zenmotero, a Donation of as little as 1 EUR is already highly appreciated. Thank you very much!

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