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He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.

           Muhammad Ali

Death Road Bolivia

About me

I am Dominik, a German Solo Motorcycle Adventure Rider. Highly curious about life, I love exploring new countries, people and cultures. I love to be independent, free and enjoy to be in close contact with nature and all its forces… wind, (rain), sunshine, clouds, fog… This is the moment when I truly feel alive.

Finca Los Nubes, Cafayate

My Story

I was born 1981 in the charming town of Ludwigshafen am Rhein in Germany. Possibly due to its nomination as “ugliest city in Germany” (and guess which city officially won in 2018, lol) my family tried to escape as often as possible and together with my older brother we traveled early to other beautiful countries in Europe, mainly France and Italy.

Ludwigshafen is that ugly, 90 % of their commuters don’t return after the end of the day

 Christian Ehring, NDR

That might explain my passion for travel and adventures. Furthermore, I grew up in a family where back in the days my father already used to race the “Nürburgring” in Germany on his motorcycle. And guess what? He tried to convert me quite early as well, lol.

My first motorcycle
My first motorcycle

With 18 years, I finally received my driving license and bought my first real motorcycle, a Kawasaki Ninja 600 F. Not long thereafter, I made my way down to Garda lake in Italy together with a friend of mine to officially celebrate my first motorcycle (adventure) travel.

My first motorcycle travel. Garda lake, Italy
My first motorcycle travel. Garda lake, Italy

Besides my passion for motorcycling I started to study environmental sciences in Landau, Germany. My desire to seek adventures during my studies let me live and work in the UK for 6 months before I finished my diploma thesis in the chemical industry… guess where… in Ludwigshafen, lol.

I moved to Switzerland to start an international career in life sciences and traveling remained an integral part of my life. Well, traveling was basically my life (with the exemption it was for business).

Business trip to Tokyo, Japan
Business trip to Tokyo, Japan

After 10 years in the corporate world and finishing off my MBA, I decided to bring back my work-LIFE-balance and kissed my previous life “good bye”, with age 35.

Leaving all behind was not an easy task but I listened to my heart and embraced the new challenge of unknown adventures, on a personal and professional level.

What initially thought to be a 3 months backpacking trip in 2016, resulted in a 2,5 years round the world journey. Early on while discovering South East Asia, I realized that backpacking and public transport was not my preferred way of traveling. I am way too independent and freedom loving. Therefore, I purchased my official second “motorcycle”, a Honda Win and overlanded Vietnam and Laos.

Overlanding South East Asia with my Honda Win, Lake, Laos
Overlanding South East Asia with my Honda Win, Lake, Laos

My next adventure lead me to New Zealand where I converted a Nissan Caravan to a mobile home DIY style. It belonged to one of the best experiences in my life as well… I loved to explore the beauty of this gorgeous country in a self built camper van.

My self built camper van "Optimus" which helped me to explore New Zealand
My self built camper van “Optimus” which helped me to explore New Zealand

Meanwhile, I got inspired by a man called Che Guevara to write my own motorcycle diaries in South America. I took the next flight to Brazil, bought a BMW GS, named her “Fury” and overlanded finally all of the Americas.

Picking up Fury at the BMW Caltabiano dealer, São Paulo, Brazil
Picking up Fury at the BMW Caltabiano dealer, São Paulo, Brazil

My sabbatical was not only the most incredible time of my life but even more importantly a journey to finding my true self. I discovered more about myself than in the previous 37 years of my life. Read here why! 

Carretera Austral

My Travel Philosophy

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