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Everyone who rides a motorcycle on a long distance trip knows that quality matters. The gear I chose to overland the Americas was my tried and authentic choice without sponsorships. In the following categories I am giving insights and recommendations on the gear I used over a period of 21 months and around 70’000 km. Check it out!

Adventure Motorcycle


BMW 700 GS – “Fury”

I love “Fury”! She is with around 200 kg (dry weight) a “light-weight” compared to other big trails in the same category which makes the handling way easier. The 16 litres tank volume are sufficient to bridge a range of 320 km and only in deserted areas I need to carry spare petrol with me. The parallel twin engine makes the ride super smooth and the 75 horsepowers @ 7000 rpm are absolutely sufficient. Sometimes though, I wished to have had some horsepowers more… especially when fully loaded and trying to overtake a truck in the Peruvian Andes. Even though the 700 GS is more advertised as a street going GS, the bike has all the potential to go “off-road”… READ HERE MORE!

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