Camera and Multimedia – The Essentials for Every Motorcycle Journey

Investing into multimedia and a nice camera equipment is a wise decision. Who knows when you will be doing again such an amazing trip and the pictures and videos will be an unforgettable memory. Below you will find my recommendations for my electronics I used during my trip. 

Olympus OM-D EM5 Mark ii Body


I love my system camera from Olympus. It is water and dust proof (absolutely a must when being on an adventure travel) and takes minimal space while having a low weight at great performance. It is fast and has many features to play with. Love it!!!!!

Olympus 12-100 mm Pro Travel Lens

This lens is simply stunning. It could be a bit more light sensitive but does a brilliant job at day time and blue sky. Absolutely sharp throughout the whole zoom range. Most of the time I don’t need any other objective than this one. BRILLIANT!

Olympus 45 mm Portrait Lens

Another lens I am always having with me. I love portrait and street photography which is absolutely the perfect match for that purpose. Cheap and super sharp with a fast automatic focus. Love it!!!!

Panasonic 100-400mm Zoom Lens

In case you are into wildlife this is an amazing zoom lens from Panasonic with a 100-400 mm zoom range. In combination with a 3/4 sensor and taking the crop factor into consideration we are talking about 200 – 800 mm actually which is absolutely fantastic. Comparing the performance to its small size this is absolutely breathtaking and everything a traveler needs. Only at the maximum zoom the pictures could get a bit more sharp. Otherwise, I am highly satisfied with it!

Sensor Wipes


After extensive use of my camera I had nevertheless sometimes particles on the sensor. This wipe will help to remove it again. Good stuff!

Cleaning Kit for Camera Lens


No matter how much you will take care of your lens, you will always have either dust, water or your own finger prints on them. These microfibre cleaning cloths will help you to keep it clean. Good stuff!

Second battery Olympus


Absolutely a must!!! Especially when traveling in remote areas and there is no possibility to charge your batteries…

GoPro Hero Session


Videos do not come naturally to me compared to photography. However, I really enjoy to take a movie clip of my adventures with the GoPro Hero Session which I attach either to my helmet or other parts of my bike. I appreciate the Go Pro Hero Session for its small size.

GoPro Hero 5

Another great camera from GoPro. I love the option to see the display at the back of the camera which makes it easy to also take videos and pictures by hand, just like a normal camera but way smaller.

External battery


Absolutely a must!!! Especially when traveling in remote areas and there is no possibility to charge your phone…

External hard drive SP Armor

1 TB hard drive from SP Armor. Shock resistant and reliable. Was very happy with its performance.

Mobile phone Samsung S9


The perfect companion in addition to your Digital Camera. In terms of landscape pictures this phone’s performance is absolutely impressive. Especially in areas where it is not wise to show off with expensive equipment I would take preferably mobile phone pictures. Before the S9 from Samsung, I had the Huawei P9 which was also doing a fabulous job. Only the battery died after 2 years.

GPS Garmin Zumo 395

In general satisfied with the Garmin Zumo. Sometimes it would nevertheless indicate wrong directions and you always have to be suspicious. Best is to double check with your phone and Google maps before starting a day trip.

Alternatively, friends of mine (Viagem&Foto) are providing a fantastic online course you can sign up for in order to learn how to use the GPS and its software properly (without wasting time, putting a complete 2 weeks trip together with Points of Interests, and many more things). At the moment, only available in Portuguese.

GPS Garmin and Basecamp Course

Apple Macbook 12″


Small in size, light in weight, big in performance. I can’t stress out enough how much satisfied I am with the Macbook 12″. Only criticism is the stupid adapter I need in order to download my pictures from the camera and the keyboard which sometimes get stuck.

Otherwise highly recommended!

Please Don’t Stop the Music – Cardio Scala Rider FREECOM 1

Imagine you ride down the Routa 3 from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia. You are a solo rider… and for 3’000 km it just goes straight without any attractive landscapes. It is boring as hell… I wished I would have had my Cardio system back then. Check out my article here. I love meditating on my bike but I prefer sometimes to listen to my favourite tunes. Afterwards, I decided to ride with a system from Cardio – scala rider FREECOM 1. I am absolutely happy with the performance and especially when reducing the speed it does the same with the music automatically. Great! Initially, It requires some time to get used to the handling but after a short time this is no issue anymore either. Highly recommended!

USB Adaptor BMW 700 GS


If you rely a lot on your mobile phone than it is absolutely necessary to have this adopter from Cliff Top. Sometimes the mobile phone would not be charge anymore… Something I did not figure out until today why this happens. The same issue as with my air compressor. Not 100 % reliable but I would definitely take it on board.

If you know the reasons and have a solution to this problem, please post in the comments below. Cheers!

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  1. Yep, the heat definitely caused this issue. I am still unsure why it did not keep on charging even when there was no sunny day ?

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  2. Anonymous says:

    I have had experience of mobile phone not charging due to it sensing high heat as it was a very sunny day, the phone shuts down (iPhone) I keep my phone in my tank bag out of direct sunlight in this scenario

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