Bohol – Tarsiers, Chocolate Hills and Beach Life

It is a 2 hour ferry trip from Cebu to Bohol. Arriving pretty late in the evening we decided to stay in the main town of the island and “simply” had a gorgeous dinner while going early to bed. The next days were packed with activities…

After a great mango pancake breakfast we were already excited to see the Tarsiers of Bohol which are tiny little creatures with big round eyes. They were just too cute and we could not get enough of them. Unfortunately, we could not take any of them back to our hotel since Tarsiers are a bit similar to Flemmings. When Tarsiers get stressed they commit suicide and jump off the trees, lol. As we did not want to be accused of murder in a “not really” democratic country, we left them where they were and continued our ride to the choccolate hills which according to National Geographic belong to the 7 stunning natural wonders in Asia.

“In rainy season these conical hills are more green than chocolate, but once the rains stop the Chocolate Hills turn brown. Consisting of about 1,776 mounds jutting up from the island of Bohol, the hills are a national geological monument of the Philippines. Geologists theorize that karst rocks eroded in unison and formed the hills, leaving behind a landscape now covered in flora. Several local legends offer more colorful explanations. Among them: Two giants went to battle, hurling stones and sand back and forth until they were too tired to fight. Left in their wake? The perfectly formed Chocolate Hills.” (Source:

Once more we realized that getting around with a motorbike (ok, in this case scooter) is our absolute favourite way of traveling. The island has such a diverse landscape full of jungle, rice fields and old Spanish churches to offer so that driving feels like a discovery expedition and each curve has something new to reveal.

For the last part of the Bohol trip we decided to check out the South, where apparently most of the beautiful beaches of the islands are located (not sure if this is really the case since almost every beach is gorgeous). We checked out several guesthouses before we made a decision and stayed a little bit inside the island, not directly at the beach which was ok. During the days we enjoyed the beauty of the fine powder sand, the beautiful sea and fresh coconuts 🙂

Bohol is an amazing island and I would have loved to explore much more. I definitely come back…

Bohol - Itinerary

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