Day 49: Copacabana (Bolivia) to Puno (Peru) – The 2nd border crossing challenge

The second border crossing after the one from Brazil into Bolivia was awaiting me today. This time I thought I’d be better prepared while reading a lot online about the rather “tranquilo” crossing at Copacabana. My first “surprise” was the Bolivian border patrol who asked me several times in different languages regarding the price of my motorbike […]

Day 34: Back to Cochabamba – The Unbelievable Story of my Lost Phone And a Catholic Festival 

It was about time to leave amazing Torotoro and to return to Cochabamba to get the last parts of my motorbike figured out. Just before leaving the town I tried to ask an old woman for directions who was sitting on a wall. “Cochabamba, a qui?”, pointing with my hand to the direction of the road […]