Day 20 – 22: The magical Pantanal or “The Hunt for the Mighty Jaguar”

When I asked Douglas of what to consider when going into the Pantanal his simple answer was: “Don’t get too much drunk and sleep on the floor. Anacondas might want to eat you.” Haha… And also: “You are wearing motorbike boots, you should be ok for snake bites.” LOL! Ok, I suddenly realised to be […]

Day 19: Poconé to Porto Jofre – The Legendary Transpantaneira

The famous Transpantaneira. I was finally there, after I spent one night in the small town of Poconé where I really just relaxed and wrote a bit on my blog. Honestly, there was nothing else to do but to get prepared for the trip to Porto Jofre, a tiny fishermen village 150 km further South, deep in […]

Day 16 & 17: Jaciara to Cuiaba – Chapada dos Guimaraes or the Grand Canyon of Brazil

Black eagles are gliding high up in the beautiful blue sky, the sun is shining, little birds are sitting in the trees just in front of a beautiful panoramic view of the canyon. It is quiet, the wind is whistling and the birds are quietly greeting me from across. I am sitting on a rock platform…

Day 15: Coxim to Jaciara – Project Jaguar Safari and How I Almost Ended Up in One of Brazil’s Most Dangerous Cities

With every new day I was getting closer to the Pantanal, making it more predictable by when I should be finally arriving in Porto Jofre. My friend Chris who recently went to the exactly same spot recommended to book a Jaguar Safari way ahead in order to guarantee a hotel as well as a tour […]

Day 11: Mundo Novo to Dourados – Another ride through rich agricultural landscape

Even though the burger from yesterday was cheap, I totally ruined my stomach and would have wished to have had something else. The night was not really a glory but luckily I felt ok again this morning. Today’s ride was leading me again through rich agricultural landscapes and besides plants I could also see cattle […]