Day 10: Foz do Iguacu to Nuvo Mundo – A ride through rich agricultural landscapes

After a “tranquilo” morning, lots of sleep and a long breakfast I packed my stuff and kissed Foz do Iguacu Good Bye. I had some fabulous days in this place and left with some melancholy towards my next destination of the day – Mundo Nova.


The ride was mainly determined by unbelievable large agricultural corn fields which accompanied me for most of the time as far as my view could reach. During some parts of the way, the roads would be eventually surrounded by beautiful trees forming a natural tunnel. The sunshine was shining through and I enjoyed the change in landscape as well as my beautiful motorbike which is just so smoothly running without any complaint.

“Surprisingly”, the villages I was passing through were super wealthy and I did not see a significant difference between them and any other village in a more developed country. It was already a bit stuffily to my understanding with sometimes a perfectly cut grass in the front of the house, lol.

On my way, I also crossed a couple of times the flow side arms of the river Parana, giving a beautiful touch to the mainly agricultural landscape.

When I finally arrived in the “Brave New World”, I did not find the hotel where it was supposed to be and had to ask some people who luckily knew the place. The town reminded me rather of the “Old World”, lol. I ordered a burger for 13 Brazilian Reals and had again an early evening like a grandfather. I was supposed to drink Caipirinhas and dance Samba in Brazil and now I am almost every day at 10 pm in bed 😀

Like in Laos or Vietnam, there is unfortunately not a lot to see or to do in the villages. It just means to enjoy the ride from one small town to the next while having the next destination in mind: Pantanal.

Route from Foz do Iguacu to Mundo Novo