Day 103: A Day in a Super Nice Town Called Salta

Salta just felt great… I enjoyed great food and amazing wine and explored the beautiful old town with its narrow streets and peaceful square in the centre.

Before anything else I needed to have a hair cut again in order to feel like a proper human being, lol. I found a beautiful old shop with an old guy around 80 years who seemed to cut hair just for fun after being retired. He took all the time in the world to master his profession and I enjoyed to watch the people walking passed by in the mirror of the shop. I was happy with the result 🙂

The weather was beautiful and I decided to enjoy the rest of the day on top of a viewing platform overlooking the town while enjoying an ice cream and updating my blog. I took it really easy and was glad to have a day off from my bike. The offroading in Atacama and the long day with the border crossing yesterday were leaving its marks and I could recharge my batteries again.

Salta has not only a charming old town but also a great night life with plenty of bars, clubs and restaurants. I enjoyed a drink in one of the bar streets in the evening and was fascinated by the many people walking up and down to see and to be seen.

I certainly will come back again with some more time 🙂