Day 107 & 108: Mendoza – The Tuscany of Argentina

Mendoza was just incredibly cool. I loved… the warm climate, the many bars and restaurants which were cluttered all over the town and of course the amazing vineyards in the proximity of Mendoza.

While Gerardo was busy with organising his bike to be repaired I was trying to figure out something else which was not less important. A real trouser, LOL. Since Sao Paulo I was just traveling with one pair of trekking trousers which I was fed up with. I wanted to walk again trough the streets like a normal person and not like a nomad 😀

After sorting our things out we met at the shopping mall and decided to go back to our hostel to find something to eat in town. Along the way I got this incredibly delicious smell of BBQ in my nose and realised that three guys from a garage were grilling some Argentinian meat on a simple grill.

I gave them my view for admiration and not a single second later they told us to stop and invited us to join them. What a delicious surprise! We had a lunch for free and enjoyed the great hospitality of the Argentineans. Already on the road people were super friendly and were greeting us everywhere with our motorbikes and now this impression got confirmed again by the people of larger towns. I felt in love with Argentina and with anything else which belonged to it.

Another highlight of Mendoza was our visit in one of the best vineyard’s in Uco Valley, approximately an 1,5 hours drive through beautiful landscapes which reminded me a bit of Toscany.

Once we arrived at the restaurant the owners had to disappoint us at first. “Do you have a reservation?” Ahm… nooooo, why? Well, the whole beautiful garden and its tables were packed with people. There was no single table available anymore and we were seeing us already looking for an alternative when suddenly the unexpected happen. A couple met another friend and they decided to sit together at a larger table which was freeing up some space for us 😀

I could not remember the last time I had such a great 4 course menu paired with delicious wine from the region. What a delight!!!!

We unfortunately could not finish the wine since we would have needed to order a taxi otherwise, lol. It was just beautiful…

Mendoza will always stay in my memory as an amazing time full of joy and delight!