Day 109: Mendoza to Santiago – Another Amazing Meeting with the Andes

Time to leave beautiful Mendoza again… I really loved the time there! We left the town early in the morning since we had another border crossing ahead waiting for us and difficult to predict weather conditions in this particular region of the Andes. It stayed…

luckily dry and the road conditions were great. No rain, no snow, no ice… well, at least at the beginning 😀

The landscape and the road to Santiago which lead us over the so called Las Cuevas Pass was spectacular. While the weather was still beautiful with blue sky and sunshine in the morning, the conditions slightly changed later throughout the day when we were climbing up altitude and it suddenly started to snow. It got freezing cold and we put all clothes layer on we could possibly find 😀

The border crossing belonged to the slightly more complicated ones and we were not allowed to take our spare petrol with us. Luckily we did not spend any money on refilling the bikes and could simply fill up the bikes with our extra petrol… Problem solved.

We arrived late in the evening and found after a short while also the motorbike hostel, my friend Fabio recommended to stay. Unfortunately he was out for dinner with friends and also the next morning we missed the chance to catch up. Hopefully another time to further strengthen friendship with the great guys from Tucuman.

Mendoza to Santiago de Chile