Day 11: Mundo Novo to Dourados – Another ride through rich agricultural landscape

Even though the burger from yesterday was cheap, I totally ruined my stomach and would have wished to have had something else. The night was not really a glory but luckily I felt ok again this morning. Today’s ride was leading me again through rich agricultural landscapes and besides plants I could also see cattle on the fields.

While it was still pretty cold in Foz do Iguacu, the temperatures would be significantly increasing in this region and reaching around 30 ° Celsius. I was glad not be be worried anymore in the nights but would already miss my sleeping bag 😀

From time to time I would make a break along the road to have a closer look at the agricultural plots. The red soil which should be absolutely rich of nutritions can be found everywhere and not seldomly whole tucks are covered in red dust. Until so far I was more or less lucky to have had most of the time paved roads and my clothes are still ok… ok… a bit sweaty but ok, lol.

While the first part of the ride was interesting again it became quite boring in the end. The landscape just permanently repeated itself and also the road was just going straight towards the horizon… up and down.

Before I completely slept in, I got surprised by spotting an Emu on the side of the road. Just standing there and having his lunch, while trucks and cars would be passing by not 5 meters away from the beautiful animal. This should have not been the last encounter with wildlife for that day. Just before arriving at my final destination of the day, I also saw a “Gürteltier”. An armadillo 🙂 Super cute… Apparently, this animal is not such a welcomed guest by the Brazilian farmers as bacteria like Salmonella are apparently transferred to the poultry.

The hosts of my AirBnb that night were a student of veterinary medicine and a worker from the agricultural sector. It was very interesting to find out more about Brazil, the local people, agricultural practices and life.

Not being interested in another burger, I was cooking something for myself and had a simple Spaghetti with tomato sauce. Since I thought the two other hosts would be joining the dinner, I cooked for three. Three times the amount of pasta, three times the amount of garlic, three times the amount of onions… but in the end there was only one Dominik. Classical misunderstanding, lol.

Route from Mundo Novo to Dourados