Day 110 & 111: Santiago De Chile – Popcorn Time

To be honest, I did not really see a lot of Santiago de Chile. Everyone told me to be careful in the capital of Chile due to crime. I have to say I felt pretty safe besides the one or the other moment, lol.

Gerardo and me took the chance to take a break, to wash the clothes and to do something really crazy… going into the cinema, lol. The last time I went into the cinema was already a couple of months ago and if I remember correctly it was in Melbourne.

It was great. A ton of popcorn, liters of soft drinks and the movie “Thor”. The evening could have not been better…

The next day we went to the shopping centre to buy some booze for the upcoming cold days in Patagonia and an iso mattress for me in case we would need to camp, lol (in the end we did not go a single time since it was just toooooo freezing cold, lol).

Santiago de Chile