Day 113: Temuco to Bariloche – An Encounter With Snow

We were trying to take a ferry to explore one of the local lakes by water but we were running late and were not able to make it anymore. On our way back to Argentina we faced again…

some really bad weather, it rained and it was freezing cold. In one of the small towns before the border we stopped to make a break and to warm ourselves up from the freezing temperatures.

Continuing our drive we found ourselves in a landscape covered in snow and were amazed by the huge amount of white powder laying still on the roads. We stopped at a viewpoint and enjoyed the white magic for a little while.

We had to continue though and soon we also arrived at the border to Argentina. A huge queue of cars were already waiting for us and we had to practice our patience in the cold.

It was a horrible border crossing procedure and the next 50 km were absolutely rubbish. The roads were in extremely bad conditions and we had difficulties to make proper progress.

Arriving in San Martin de Los Andes it got already dark and I proposed to stay in town and continue our way to Bariloche the next day. Gerardo was not so convinced and wanted to continue… I agreed but was actually upset. The rain got stronger and the visibility went down to less than 50 meters. It was a disaster!!!!!

It was not the first time we were riding in the night. My rule number one in South America… I did not want to break it anymore in future and were having a serious discussion with my Colombian travel buddy. It seemed we would be going different directions over the next time…

Almost arriving in Bariloche, another problem… Gerardo had a flat tire!!! Damn it!!! Somehow, he could re-inflate his bike and we just made it to our hostel. Lucky us!

Snowy Mountain Pass

Temuco to Bariloche