Day 120: Chiloe to Hornopiren – The Start Of A Great Adventure

Already the first meters on the ruta 7 or better known as the famous Carretera Austral were beautiful… I have heard a lot about this roughly 1’200 km stretch of mainly unpaved road leading through untouched nature, snowcapped mountains, turquoise coloured lakes…and absolutely awesome landscapes.

Surprisingly, the road was pretty well maintained at the beginning and entirely made out of asphalt, winding its way along the sea with a few clouds hanging down low over the water surface. It gave it a mystique touch and I was already looking forward to get more of this scenery.

The first ferry crossing from the mainland to the cluttered islands of the zona Austral was pretty easy and I was lucky to still catch the “public transport” last minute.

When I was surprised the road was really well maintained at the beginning it completely changed when arriving at the other side. Rough gravel mixed with mud from previously rainy days were making the driving a challenge which I mastered just fine.

First rule on the carretera Austral is to keep the petrol at maximum and I took every chance to fill up my bike and my spare petrol containers.

Making pretty good progress at first, I arrived around midday in Hornopiren where the next ferry was supposed to bring me during a 2,5 hours ferry ride over the next water body.

When I stopped at the port I realised there was just one ferry each day leaving the port and of course I missed it by a couple of hours.

Apparently, I was not the only one who was not informed in advance and met three more people on their motorcycles who wanted to conquer the carretera Austral.

The Brazilian couple Joao and Alice on their 1200 Yamaha Super Tenere and the Chilean Claudio on his BMW 700 GS.

That day we were not aware that we should become best friends…

Ancud to Hornopiren