Day 121: Hornopiren to Chaiten – The Fantastic Four

It rained the whole night through and luckily it just stopped when I woke up… like I ordered the “sunshine” for breakfast! Since I was traveling alone again I could entirely rely  again on my German “punctuality” and everything was perfectly planned, lol… besides the rain which was pouring down cats and dogs! 

Arriving 15 minutes earlier to the port I took the opportunity to take some nice shots of the area. The fog was hanging down low in the valley and covered the mountains mystically under its curtain. I simply loved the scenery and would have loved to stay somewhere inside a cottage with a cup of hot tea, a good book to read and exactly this amazing view.

Instead I had to catch the ferry which arrived by now and plenty of cars and people were waiting in line in order to navigate their vehicles on the rather large ferry which actually surprised me. Well, with only one ferry a day it is better large, lol.

I met again the bikers from yesterday and we had some coffee together as well as motorbike talks during the duration of the ferry ride. I simply love people who are riding motorbikes, it is a huge global community with friends helping each other in every situation. I was never really aware of this friendship which strongly bonds bikers together, until now.

A BIG Greeting goes out to all you amazing people out there. Keep on riding in the wind! Enjoy your freedom!!!! I am deeply grateful for all the bikers I met on my way until so far and the many more bikers to come!

However, The four of us build a new biker gang which I would call afterwards “The Fantastic Four”. A magical journey began…

Hornopiren to Chaiten