Day 122: Chaiten to Puyuhuapi – Breathtaking scenery and Carretera Austral at its best

Carretera Austral | Chile | South America | zenmotero

Getting up early, the four of us enjoyed a long breakfast with eggs and anything else which belonged to a great start of the day. Getting back again on the road was simply amazing…
The drive of the day was actually not very long but highly enjoyable. Most part of the road was asphalt again and the scenery was just unbelievable beautiful with a sunny day on top.

Arriving early in Puyuhuapi we checked out three different cabanas. The last one was in particular very nice… super clean and everything was perfectly in shape. Funnily, I discovered a lot of various signs spread all over the cabana saying: it is not allowed to do this… it is not allowed to do that… don’t even try to piss me off, lol.

I immediately thought: hmmmm, how strange… reminds me so much about Switzerland, lol.

Of course the guy was Swiss!!!!! Hahahha… He left Lausanne 3 years ago to start a new life in Patagonia. He even worked at IMD for a while… I could not believe it ?

The rest of the day I spent together with Joao and Alicia at the lake, with a nice book and a cerveza I bought in one of the many supermarkets (how strange… the village was tiny but apparently the locals loved a great variety, lol)

Claudio joined us late again in the evening and Joao prepared a delicious Pizza for the four of us. Paired with good wine we got knocked out pretty fast and went pretty early to bed.

Carretera Austral | Chile | South America | zenmotero

Chaiten to Puyuhuapi