Day 125: The Glacier Exploradores

Carretera Austral | Chile | South America | zenmotero

Not sure if it was a great decision to explore the glacier Exploradores today, lol. Again it was raining so much that I would have preferred to actually stay where I was… in my bed with at least one bottle of wine! HAHA…

We all put our “water resistant” (at least for the first couple of hours) clothes on and were surprisingly in a really good mood. We met two retired bikers from Canada who were having the same crazy idea like us 😀

Our tour guide was at the same time also our chauffeur and apparently he had another meeting the same day. He was driving the rather curvy road so fast that it did not take very long until everyone of us was pretty sick!

It was worse than sitting on a boat at rough sea…

Suddenly, Alici yelled stop and I knew what would happen next. I took off my seat belt, opened the door to make space for her. The driver of course stopped the car at the next possibility which was unfortunately a hill going down pretty steep.

Alice fell and unfortunately broke her wrist. We could not believe it… Joao and Alici decided to not continue of course and tried to stop a car to bring them back into the village.

The rest of us continued and we were getting ready for a pretty challenging day hike to the Exploradores glacier.

It was raining basically non stop and when I first did not mind the weather, latest after 4 hours I was completely wet and freezing. I was not the only one but well… we should not complain!

Having said, even when the weather was bad it was incredible to explore the glacier which was the first time in my life.

I will never forget the intense blue colours of the glacier water which put a magic spell on me.

It could have been also the antarctica and I was switching on my explorer mode and highly enjoyed our adventure.

The only thing which I should have brought along was the whisky. I forgot it at home and would have been simply perfect together with a bit of glacier ice 😀

Glacier Exploradores