Day 127: Villa O’Higgins to Cochrane – A visit at Caleta Tortel

Carretera Austral | Chile | South America | zenmotero

This was one of those typical days where you did not know what to wear. When we left Villa O’Higgins the weather seemed to be alright… A few hours later… 

when driving in Tortel it was changing drastically again and we had to practice our favourite exercise: Getting the bloody rain cover out of our luggage and trying to squeeze ourselves in, lol.

Everyone told me that the bad weather is part of the Austral region but to be perfectly honest with you, I still prefer the sunshine on my face, a blue sky, endless gravel roads and lush green vegetation on both way sides. It just makes such a huge difference compared to driving in the rain where everything is held in grey. Additionally, it gets bloody cold and especially my feet were freezing even with two sock layers 😀

However, the road to Tortel and especially the scenery was beautiful again while the gravel was rather deep and therefore challenging to ride.

Alice decided on our further way back to Cochrane to take a short bus ride while we picked her up again a short way down the road where the gravel got better again.

Another long 12 hour day came to an end… tomorrow we were supposed to leave the carretera Austral again which made me quite sad since I highly enjoyed this spectacular nature!!!!!

Villa O'Higgins to Cochrane