Day 136 & 137: Puerto Natales to Punta Arenas – A Short Pitstop

Plan was to make a short pitstop in the next town of Punta Arenas. It was more than time to change the old oil of our engines and Joao knew a garage where we could do this. I was starting to get a bit worried regarding my tires as well and especially the rear one which did not really look so well anymore…

The mechanic luckily had time to take care of our motorcycles but could not promise to get the job done for both of our bikes. We decided to buy in the meantime some oil and also a new lamp for my bike which did not work anymore (Luckily this just happened shortly before arriving in Punta Arenas), my control led was already indicating constantly alarms which was quite bothering to be honest.

We found a great supply store which also sold relatively cheap tires and we decided to purchase full sets for our bikes, we were at least in a tax free zone and wanted to benefit from the local circumstances.

Arriving back again to the mechanic we found our bikes already perfectly well cleaned and ready for the oil change. Perfect timing I would say…

When walking passed his tire stock I saw he was even selling second hand Heidenau high quality tires which were still in great shape. After asking he sold them for a ridiculously low price and spontaneously we decided to replace our tires with those ones and bring back the new but relatively mediocre quality ones to the store. How lucky we were, lol.

Unfortunately, the mechanic could only finish my bike the same day but not Joaos and I after a while I decided to also wait for my Brazilian friends and did not want to continue my journey alone. The finish line was so close and it would have been a shame to leave them behind only to be a day earlier in Ushuaia, Buenos Aires and also Florianapolis.

A great bar in the evening, a couple of pints and a huge pizza made my decision easier as well, lol.

The next day we were basically just chilling while I also purchased some thermo socks for our next part of our adventure. It got “surprisingly” freezing cold and the rain as well as the Patagonian wind did not help to maintain a comfortable well being on the bike, lol.

Puerto Natale to Punto Arena