Day 138 to 140: Punta Arenas to Ushuaia – The End of The World


It was time to leave the somehow strange town of Punta Arenas behind. The crazy lady with whom we were staying the night before managed to wash all my clothes besides one piece which got missing… 

my favourite blue thermo long sleeve, arghhhhhh. I don’t want to know how many things got lost on my travels from the many different accommodations I had to change. Well, some lucky ones will be hopefully happy about their new gifts 😀

However, Leaving early in the morning we had to catch the only ferry for the day which was supposed to bring us over the other side of the sea and to another famous region of South America, Tierra del Fuego.

Of course we did not purchase any tickets in advance since the boat was according to the locals so huuuuuge that it would not be necessary. When arriving at the port we shockingly realised that the boat was already almost full and the queue of remaining cars were still quite long, lol. We sneaked through the cars and hurried up to purchase our tickets with success, luckily 😀 5 minutes after we were already on the boat and ready to sail the sea.

What was awaiting us on the other side was simply beautiful. The landscape was not really spectacular like e.g. Torres del Paine but the beauty was lying within the simplicity of the nature.

The first third of our journey lead us on a beautiful gravel road along green grass fields on our left hand side and the beautiful sea on our right. Just a few cars were sharing the road with us and we highly enjoyed our ride after our 2 day pitstop, especially since the weather was quite nice.

The highlight of the day was a visit at the Parque Penguino Rey, where the world’s second largest group of penguins after the Emperor Penguins were breeding: The beautiful King Penguins!

Together in a group of approx. 100 individuals they were relaxing just a couple of meters in front of us. The animals were beautifully coloured in black and white with a yellowish/reddish throat. Their chicks were funnily laying all over the place in their still brown fluffy fur. So cute, lol.

When the weather was until so far still pretty, it changed rather swiftly and suddenly it was grey and raining again. Great… on top, a huge bus with tourists was stopping and the masses were rolling in to see the “Kings”.

Time to leave again…

Unfortunately, we had to cross another border again. I guess it was the 4th or 5th time we changed the borders of Chile and Argentina. To be honest with you, it was enough, lol.

We also had to be careful with our petrol again and had to fill up our bikes at each accessible petrol station. It was a looooooong day…

The further we came down to Ushuaia the uglier the weather got. I was super happy about the thermo socks I bought which kept my feet a little bit longer warm than my other ones. However, the already known mix of low temperatures, rain, wind and later on even snow made the second half of our today’s journey a nightmare.

In the evening we finally passed the gates of Ushuaia… Finally! We made it to the end of the world. Fin del Mundo! WE DID IT!

The next day the weather got luckily better again and we immediately decided to book a boat trip to the Beagle Channel, a wonderful cruise on a modern catamaran to take us to sea lions, plenty of different bird species as well as large penguin colonies. The landscape was fantastic as well while deep hanging clouds were mystically covering the mountains of Ushuaia. Sometimes the sun would be shining through which gave the impression god was switching on his torch, looking for something precious which got lost a long time ago. What magnificent and wonderful world in which we are living in.

The next day I was planning to hit the road again and to make my way to Buenos Aires ASAP! When I woke up I could not believe my eyes…

Everything was covered in snow! A snow storm made it impossible to leave Ushuaia and I had to keep my fingers crossed the weather conditions would be changing soon.

Luckily I was just “stuck” for one day and after another nice dinner and a visit of the ice bar in Ushuaia I could continue my journey the next morning.

My lucky charm - the owl "Shiney Shoe"

Punto Arena to Ushuaia