Day 14: Campo Grande to Coxim – First Real Off-Road Experience

After a break in Campo Grande, a new hair cut and a relaxed mind I was looking forward to hit the road again to Coxim. The first part of the trip was still on asphalt and I also made…

my 2’000 km. I still passed a lot of Fazendas, lots of cattle and agricultural fields but less than the previous days. After a short while the landscape became even more green and small forests became visible. I stopped in an unspectacular village where I had a soda in front of a bar where two cowboys were having already their 10th or 20th beer. It is already difficult to understand the language but those two guys could have spoken also my mother tongue and I would have not understood them, lol. Totally drunk… I wanted to really make a break but the two guys were just bothering me the whole time until the point where one of them would be showing me some “dirty home made clips” on his mobile phone. This was definitely the time to go, I payed my bill, went on my bike and left a cloud of dust in front of the bar behind.

The next part of the road was turning soon into a mixture of red sand and gravel and I finally had my first real off road experience ahead. Already the first kilometres were actually pretty challenging since the dirt road would have many parts with really deep sand and I had to pay a lot of attention to keep my bike under control. Most of the time I was standing up since the bike was diving deep into the sand, making it very difficult to drive. Another challenge were the ascends for the same reasons but even more difficult. After a while I figured out how to master the sand, even though I tried to prevent the spots as far as I could.

It was great to be in the middle of the nature and not to have any traffic along the way, besides a few maniac farmers who were driving like brain dead. I had to suck the dust from time to time but overall I highly enjoyed the ride, making me really tired in the end.

After 4 hours I finally arrived in Coxim where I checked into my hotel and had an Acai – a Brazilian speciality from the Amazons. It is like a fruity sort of sorbet, pretty difficult to describe but super delicious. A great finish for a cool day.

Route from Campo Grande to Coxim