Day 142: Rio Gallegos to Trelew – 1’200 KM on Ruta 3 The World’s Most Dangerous Road

I drove the death road, the Transpantaneira, the Ruta 40 and the Carretera Austral. But the most dangerous road in the world is the Ruta 3 in Argentina. Why?
It is so boring that I almost slept in a couple of times. There is just nothing. No landscape. No nature. No birds. No curves. No hills. Just an endless road towards the horizon. A full day on the road… no music. Just myself and some weird thoughts, lol.

(That’s the reason why I decided to purchase an Intercom system (Cardio Scala Rider – Freedom 1, check out the link for a product review) for the next part of my journey. Better late than never :D)

The last hour was so horrible that I had the feeling the time would turn backwards.

Arriving very late in the evening and after I can’t even remember… maybe in total 12 or 13 hours I arrived in Trelew, another ugly town 😀

The hotel was not better but I unfortunately found no better option and was glad to have made the largest distance in one single day over my last months of traveling.

Rio Gallegos to Trelew