Day 144 to 149: Bahia Blanca to Buenos Aires – Quality Time :D

When I arrived in Buenos Aires I did not expect that much traffic. It was a mess, seriously. Tons of cars like a huge iron snake were squeezing themselves through the highways in and around of the town… 

My first goal was to find the BMW dealer I arranged a service with. It was more than time to change my change of my motorbike. After each day I had to tighten it again because it got loose as hell. It was bothering me so much that I did not want to wait for Brazil to change it since it would be cheaper. I learned to sometimes invest a bit more money in maintenance especially when safety plays a role. After I found the dealer I left my bike behind and was happy that the guys could possibly finish the job way earlier than anticipated.

Finally, I was more than happy to have arrived in my hostel when it turned already dark outside. The accommodation was the perfect choice and was located in a nice neighbourhood full of bars and restaurants – all I really needed 😀

I immediately felt in love with the atmosphere of BsAs and the architecture which reminded me a bit of Paris or Madrid.

Since I was more enjoying life at this time than anything else I was not really taking a lot of pictures. My motto these days: Viva la vida! I just caught up with amazing people who I had an unforgettable time with.

The day Joao and Alice were arriving I also picked up my bike while the last night in BsAs was all under the sign of the worlds best Argentinean beef! And not to forget the delicious red wine!!!!

Bahia Blanca to Buenos Aires