Day 150: Buenos Aires to Punta del Este – Mano de Arena

After a short night (I don’t know why?! lol) we left early in the morning in order to catch the next ferry to Uruguay. Since I was almost sleeping the whole time I did not really see a lot of the journey, lol.

Arriving in Uruguay I was not really impressed by the landscape. For sure the beaches must be beautiful but the journey on the highway was not really a highlight.

Montevideo’s main road reminded me a bit of the Sunset strip in Los Angeles with palm trees at both sides. Certainly, It would have been great to staying in town a bit longer and to check out the nightlife. However, after almost a week in BsAs I was more in the mood of relaxing at the beach again and not into city life.

We arrived pretty late in Punta Del Este and in a beautiful hotel where we went to an excellent restaurant in the evening.

Another country has been marked in my schedule…


Buenos Aires to Punta del Este