Day 152 to 156: Florianopolis – Paradise on Earth

Cachaca, beaches, nature, turqouise coloured lagoons, perfect nightlife and beautiful people… 
If there is a place in Brasil I would always come back for then it is Florianapolis or how the Brazilians use to call it, Floripa.

When arriving, I first explored the North of the island with my favourite beach actually just around the corner of my home base. Praya Mole is just unbelievable beautiful with a sandy white beach, rocks at each end and simply gorgeous people. Brazilians are literally living the beach culture everywhere on the island.

I loved the most to listen samba music in a tranquillo atmosphere during the evenings while nipping at a cerveza artisanal or a caipirinha at the beach. Just the perfect layed back lifestyle I needed after the many month of riding my motorbike.

I did not want to leave this paradise anymore!

Live concert in one of the many bars on the island

Porto Alegre to Florianopolis