Day 158 to 160: Sao Paulo, The 30’000 KM Milestone & DOM Restaurant

Sao Paulo, Back to where I started my trip 6 months ago. Meanwhile some more than 30’000 km on the clock and countless experiences richer. I am so grateful for all those precious moments I never even imagined would have happen to me.

Here a few things  spontaneously coming to my mind: Breathtaking landscapes everywhere, the world’s largest salt desert, a motorbike accident and the world’s most dangerous road in Bolivia, the hand monument in Punta del Este in Uruguay, unique fauna on Galapagos islands, ECUADOR, Pantanal, the mighty Jaguar and beach paradises in Brazil, the super interesting Inka culture, the loss of my love of my life and a broken heart in Peru, unique San Pedro de Atacama, amazing Carretera Austral and Torres del Paine in Chile, the adventerous routa 40, the wineyards in Mendoza, Impressive mountains and glaciers, magic moments in Buenos Aires as well as the end of the world in Argentina. But by farmost I appreciate all of you wonderful people I met along my journey.

However, the time in South America was not over yet and it was time to celebrate my return together with my friend Chris in one of South Americas best restaurants – DOM!!! (and ok, we went also to other delicious places too, lol)

What A DELIGHT!!!!!

Joinville to Sao Paulo