Day 17: Monte Alegre do Sul to Uba(chuva)tuba – 400 mm rain over night

It was time to say good bye again to my dear friends Alice and Joao. We had again an amazing time together and I was deeply grateful for what they have been doing for me. After an amazing breakfast at the Fazenda we said goodbye…

and I made my way to Ubatuba. Alice already warned me that whenever they would be going there… it would rain! That’s why she calls it Ubachuva (Ubarains) and how right she was.

Even before arriving in Ubatuba it started to rain like crazy. All my clothes were soaked up with water and I did not really see a thing on the last kilometres.

After struggling to find the Pousada which Joao recommended me to stay, I happily took a nice shower, washed off the sweat and waited for the rain to calm down 🙂

But somehow it did just the opposite… It rained and rained and rained. Even more and more! There was no chance to go outside and have something to eat… instead I was finishing all my crackers and went early to bed, lol.

Well I tried to go to bed when suddenly the manager of the pousada knocked at my door and told me if I would mind to change the room. Apparently the water level was more and more rising… I first denied because I was simply too lazy to move my stuff again.

After 10 minutes all of a sudden a massive wave of water run into my room, lol. I had no choice but to change the room and went upstairs into a new one. A wise decision, lol.

The next day I could not believe my eyes… see the video below!

Surprise After Waking Up - Massive Flooding

Monte Alegre do Sul to Ubatuba