Day 26 & 27: Caraiva to Trancoso – The Secret to a Fulfilling Life

Even though I absolutely loved my time in Caraivas I had to move on again. I decided to follow the invitation of the girls I met 2 days ago and continued my ride to a town called Trancoso. 

The drive to Trancoso was getting more challenging with sand on the road and I decided to deflate my tires to get more grip on my tires. 

When I arrived at the central square of the small town I met Andy again with whom I was staying for the next 2 nights at her apartment. It was just incredible how friendly people were… You just met them and two days later you are staying with them in their own home. Simply amazing! 

We checked out the lovely beach which had several nice bars and restaurants after walking along the so called quadratas. The quadratas is simply a square close by to the beach lined up with lovely colourful art shops and restaurants which are ultimately leading to a beautiful white church. When walking further we arrived shortly thereafter at an amazing look out and enjoyed the view over Trancoso’s crystal white beaches.

In the evening we were invited to a house party at one of the girls friends. After walking for like 20 minutes to one of the “suburbs” of the town we came to a deserted street and stood in front of a large wooden gate. After knocking three times it did not take long until the friendly host opened the door and warmly welcomed us to her paradise. 

We first entered a beautifully well taken care of garden with large palm trees and tailor made wooden furniture. When I was first impressed, I was speechless when entering the spacious house which was full of amazing decorative articles and colours. 

After a while the garden started to get crowded with local people from Trancoso. Everybody was bringing wine or other beverages along. Some people would just enjoy chatting while others were dancing the tropical night away while Brazilian beats were playing in the background. 

The next day we had to get up early again and the next party was awaiting… Carnival do Rio! People basically organised anything floatable and together with tons of drinks and loud Brazilian music we were floating down the river until we arrived completely drunk at the sea delta, lol. The party continued with churrasco and paint powder bags which we were throwing in each others face. The result was that we were finally as colourful as the party was… 

If you thought the party was over you were completely wrong, lol. We continued our way to a friends house which was located in the middle of the jungle with an amazing pool. I was just floating in there while enjoying the amazing scenery while continuing to drink cerveja. 

In the night we lighted up the BBQ grill and prepared delicious Churrasco ourselves. I love the way Brazilians are doing their BBQ’s… while in Europe everyone gets “his” sausage or steak to eat in Brazil people love to share. It is a highly social activity where the Chief of BBQ grills the meat and cuts it for everyone so that no-one has really to wait. 

The crazy party continued until I almost fell asleep on the dance floor… lol! I was completely shattered after these two intense days and all I wanted was to get back home and sleep 😀

Trancoso has not only a truly special flair but I felt again in love with another beautiful place of Bahias coast line. More than anything else I admired the people of Trancoso and my new friends I met there. They were the living proof of living a truly fulfilling life without listening to society’s conditioning of what success means. Working day in and day out for people you don’t care and not listen to ones true passion.

Andrea for example decided to quit her regular job and run a vegan food delivery business. Her advice for starting a new life chapter was simply to do the first step and to see how things work out. How right she is! 

Furthermore, I discovered a language school which was run by a German artist who exhibited his portrait photography and art. It was amazing to see how this person was self realize himself. It was so amazing and I was deeply touched! 

Caracas to Trancoso