Day 26: San Ignacio – Bolivia’s National Day, Time to Relax and Take Care of my Wounds

The morning after the worst day in my travel history I felt surprisingly not that bad. I guess the medication helped a lot and suppressed my pain, mainly in my shoulder and neck. I discovered some new scratches but nothing serious, I was really lucky to have such good protection gear. I am still amazed by the quality of my stuff and am happy to have not saved money on this. 

During breakfast I caught up with the BMW Motorrad Club from Cochabamba whom I met the evening already before. They were mainly riding large 1200 GS and gave me already the day before tips where to go and what to do. Funnily, one of the guys studies in Brazil and I was better off speaking Portuguese to him than trying to communicate in Spanish, lol. However, I started to listen to the new language and picked up my first words… Arena (Sandy roads – preferably to prevent), Huevo (Eggs to order in the morning) and Una yamada – for favour (In case corrupt police is stopping me, asking them to make a call) – basically the essentials, lol.

Joakko and the rest of the gang invited me to come and visit them in Cochabamba, which I was planning to do. They advised me also to take another road as I was originally intending to drive. Luckily, I was preventing thereby another shitty road, lol.

When the group left I headed back into my room in order to get ready for my main activity that day: recovering at the pool, haha. Arriving there, I met a cool dude named Hernan who was spending an extended weekend in San Ignacio with his girlfriend. I offered him a banana and thus started a great discussion while his English was perfect. I explained him my situation and he wanted to put me in touch with a mechanic who was dating his daughter for a while. “A good boy”, he will help you”, he said.

While outside the celebrations for the national day were ongoing, I also went to a local mechanic in order to remove the broken pieces from the windshield and to bring the side panel back into shape. I was lucky nothing else was more affected. The crash bars took all the other shock and the rest of the bike remained in great condition.

I was happy to have decided to stay in the beautiful “Mision” hotel. Sometimes it is worth to invest some more cash in order to feel good, especially after yesterday. Additionally, I met absolutely great people who giving me so much more… I was saving in the end and was of a couple of friends richer.