Day 28 & 29: Trancoso to Canavieiras – Encounter with Bahia Food

I was leaving Trancoso pretty late since I was saying good bye to my friends during a pretty long breakfast with delicious Brazilian coffee and a mista (a popular sandwich with ham and cheese).

I was expecting a nice road to my next destination. I don’t know why… lol. It was again a dirt road and it took me more time than anticipated to arrive in the next beach destination of Canavieiras.

The village got famous because of German immigrants who tried to make their living in Brazil and a television channel was following them for a while.

I did not meet them… but of course when I arrived in town and while looking for a place to stay I met Andrea from Limburgerhof, lol. She immigrated 10 years ago and built up her new life together with her family there.

For the first time I felt like being home again… I spontaneously decided to stay one day longer than planned especially after she gave me a special discount in her amazing bungalow resort 🙂

The weather was not really brilliant and it rained quite a lot the first day. Luckily it got better the second day and I started to catch up with my blog while taking from time to time a bath in the nice swimming pool.

In the afternoon I got hungry and decided to go to one of the local beach restaurants with a not so nice ending. Somehow I did not digest the food very well… The food from Bahia is well known for its spicy flavour and the chillies were apparently killing me.

For the rest of the evening I became very best friend with the bathroom… arghhhhh… it was painful!!!!

Trancoso to Canavieiras