Day 30 to 32: Canavieiras to Itacare – A Surfers Paradise

Itacaré is a layed back surfer town with an enjoyment mile full of bars, restaurants and souvenir shops.

The town itself was not really my thing and I decided to stay a bit away from the high life in the “green house” which Andy from Trancoso recommended to me.

It was a nice place with a large garden, a chillout area and hammocks. I appreciated also the secure parking for my bike… it is always a better sleep when you know your bike is not somewhere outside.

It is really not a surprise that Itacaré attracts a lot of visitors every year considering the beauty of its nearby beaches.

The first day I was just strolling a bit around, had a delicious tapioca and enjoyed the sunset at the local beach.

The following day I explored the amazing beaches close by. I just loved to sit in the sand, listen to some Brazilian music and to enjoy the view. Just a pity I could not stay any longer I thought.

This was when my acaraje experience extended my stay without my permission, lol. In the evening I tried three of these delicious fried seafruit bombs and they knocked me out for the next two days, lol. Bahia food… legendary!

Canavieiras to Itacaré