Day 33: The Dinosaur Footprints in Cerro Waylas and the Spectacular Torotoro Canyon 

After a first night of good sleep I felt highly energised for today’s challenging hike in the canyon of Torotoro. But before, we went to another spectacular sight and a dream came true when I…

explored hundreds of fossil dinosaur footprints from different species ranging from herbivore to carnivore.  The footprints were firstly discovered in the 1990’s and became since then the main tourist attraction in Torrotoro. Four main species could be identified as Ankilosauros, Ornitopodos, Teropodos and Sauropodos.

It was just super exciting to see the proof of the existence of those magnificent creatures which lived millions of years before our time.

Afterwards, we went straight to the next highlight of the day… an exhausting highlight… the “Grand Canyon” of Bolivia! When we arrived we saw already some large birds flying high up in the blue sky. After a closer look we were sure to see the mighty condors which can achieve a wingspan of impressive 3 meters.

After getting an overview of the beautiful canyon on a viewing platform, we started to climb down the steep natural rock steps. When finally arriving at the bottom of the canyon we had the choice to take a “refreshening” bath in the ice cold water. Since the canyon was still covered in the shade of the rock formations I did not have the feeling to necessarily refresh myself. Instead, the French group took the risk of a hear attack and jumped into the water. The “fun” did not really last long and after 5 minutes they were already coming back with plenty of goosebumps.

Well, I was not planning to go up again without having had at least my feet in the “refreshening” water. After doing so, we had our lunch on a large rock and enjoyed the sunshine which came out in the meantime. I guess, I achieved an age where I don’t need to check every tick box of tourist attractions 🙂

After enjoying a beautiful day in a breathtaking landscape, we had to go back of course the same way we came. Approximately one hour and 800 footsteps later, we returned exhausted to the top of the canyon again.

We had a last lunch together before the group was leaving to LaPaz, another 11 to 15 hour bus drive ahead of them. After such a day I could imagine to do something better… which I did: Having some ice-cold fresh lime juice and an ice-cream while watching “El Classico” live, FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid.

In the evening I just relaxed and watched for the 5th time Lord of the Rings… the only bloody movie on my laptop, lol.