Day 35: Cochabamba to Sucre – WOWOWOWOWOWOWO, what a ride!!!!!

After the last night full of nightmares I woke up and got myself immediately ready. Even though I did not believe anymore in finding back my phone I still believed in miracles. What happened next was unbelievable…

A Miracle

Marcelo and me went straight to the motorbike shop in order to access the internet. He did not have any connection at his house unfortunately. Anyways, the battery of the phone was still at 15 % and it did not move since the last night. If the guy was the taxi driver, than he must have brought it into his house. We called Marcelos friend who was already in the area in order to look for a white taxi. We told him to further look in the area since the phone must be still there. 10 minutes later we received a call again and we could not believe it! The guy aka best detective ever could localise the taxi driver and he still had my phone!!!!! He just wanted to have 110 Bolivianos which are around 15 dollars and the phone was mine again. I could not believe my luck and hugged Marcelo for at least an hour!!!!!


After I received my phone back again I had to immediately leave Cochabamba since my next destination was 6 hours away and I did not want to arrive in the night, especially since no hotel was booked yet.  It was already 12 o’clock by the time I hit the road again.

What I was finding en route was unexpected. Marcelo told me already that the road would be amazing but it was more than that.

332 km of curves – left, right, left, up, down and up again, full of joy and adrenaline rushes. This ride was not only the best I had so far but the scenery was absolutely mind-blowing as well.

Where to stay in Sucre

When arriving without a break in Sucre it was already 18:30 and I needed another 30-45 minutes to make my way through the traffic which was absolutely disaster. Everything was clogged and I just wanted to find a hotel to stay. Marcelo recommended to stay somewhere at the place which is apparently safe. When I arrived I did not hesitate very long and decided to stay in a beautiful hotel (Capital Plaza) directly at the Plaza. I negotiated the price, took a nice hot shower and went to a nice restaurant where I ate one of the Bolivian specialities: Pique Macho – fries with meat! Yammy!

A long day with an unexpected result came to an end. Never stop believing! Buenos Noches!

From Cochabamba to Sucre