Day 35 to 39: Salvador to Aracaju – A Crab Lover’s Town

My tooth was starting to make problems again. I could not believe it… just a couple of weeks after my appointment with the emergency dentist in Campinas, I needed again another one.

I decided to stay in Aracaju, a city which is known for its local specialities, tasty crabs. Since I had enough experience with sea food lately I skipped the experience though 🙂

Luckily I found a good dentist and within a couple of days I already had my appointment to fix the tooth. I spare you with the details, lol.

More important was the fact that I met Fabiana who invited me to stay in her family’s house.

It gave me the opportunity to deep dive into the daily life of a Brazilian family which I was deeply grateful for.

I just loved to spend my time together with Fabi, her kids and family either at the local beach club or simply at the swimming pool of the condominium. If one thing can’t be missing than it is the Brazilian “choppi” (beer 🙂

And as Fabi would say: “It has to be freezing cold, not just chilled.” Otherwise it is regarded as a warm beer, lol.

Another speciality of Aracaju is its Açai which tasted absolutely phenomenal… the portions were huge and I just could not get enough of it. Mmmmmm… will be missing it, lol.

The weekend was party time! We either went out to a club to listen to cool Brazilian rock music or the whole family including cousins and other family members were throwing a BBQ party with Forro music.

The Brazilians simply know how to live life and I promised myself to keep a small piece of this life quality!

Schuhplattler - Brazilian Style, LOL

Salvador to Acaraju