Day 37: A Hotel Entirely Made Out of Salt

Outside it is cold… bitter cold… the temperature says -7 degrees Celsius. Inside it is slightly warmer, not really. I am staying in one of the most incredible hotels in the world…
Hotel Cristal Samana is not just a simple hotel but a unique piece of art, entirely made out of salt. It reminds me more of a museum than of an actual hotel. The walls display fine carvings while plenty of fine and beautiful salt sculptures decorate the hallways. An angel here, a fox there… Sculptures handcrafted from local people from the area. Just entering the hotel makes you speechless and gives you an impressive feeling for luxury living in the middle of the salt desert. Everything is kept in white. Salt is everywhere. Furnitures, tables, walls… everything is made out of the “white gold”. Open chimneys are spending some warmth in the magnificient hotel and lend a touch of romance to the interior. Every step I  make is being followed by some crunchy noises, while I am exploring the “museum”‘. No wonder, the entire floors are filled up with rough salt from the desert.

I am thinking a second about licking the walls to convince myself of its authenticity but instead want to trust the story.

My room is simple but gorgeous. Two snakes are encarved above my bed (gorgeous, even though I don’t like snakes, lol), the walls and bedroom furniture are again entirely made out of salt. The material of the flooring luckily changed this time and is instead made of a warm wooden parquet.

Shortly after checking in, I find two air heaters again in my room, making it comfortable warm. When I first thought a sleeping bag might be necessary I got convinced differently and found even a heatable blanket in my bed.

The chill out area was another highlight of the salt hotel. Again, a mixture of wooden ceiling and furnitures made out of salt. In between colourful touches of beautiful cushions.

Furthermore, the hotel revealed beautiful views over the salt desert and especially during sunrise and sunset. An unforgettable experience everyone should try considering…

Eduardo, the hotel manager and member of the BMW Aventura Motorbike Club who I met in Cochabamba invited me to stay in his “palace” and made my stay unforgettable. He gave me many great recommendations where to go, what to explore and what to take care of.

He made everything possible to let me feel at home. Every wish he read from my lips…

I was so grateful for “Piccolos” kindness… MUCHAS GRACIAS AMIGO!!!!!

I was not only a guest but became instead part of the Salar De Uyuni.

Location of Hotel Cristal Samana