Day 39: The Train Cemetery in Uyuni & My Second Food Poisoning

My plan foresaw to get up early in order to avoid the masses when visiting the train cemetery in Uyuni. That was the plan… lol. I barely made it there before 10:30 am, where already…

plenty of jeeps and a couple of dozen of tourists where making their gym exercises on the old trains. Making funny face expressions and having of course their obligatory selfie-sticks in operation 🙂

Luckily, after 10 minutes most of the tourists continued their trip and I was almost alone within the train cemetery. Apparently, people also come here during the night to stay over in their camper vans. Quite a spooky place, if you ask me.

However, I enjoyed to walk along the rusty vehicles and to try to capture some good shots from different perspectives. I simply loved the rusty trains and the crystal blue sky in the background. Coming here early in the morning (like I planned) or just before sunset must be even more impressive. The light was not optimal for the shooting but I was happy with the results in the end.

Before making my way further to Oruro, I had to check out from the salt hotel I was staying for two nights. Piccolo, the hotel manager did not want to accept my money and mentioned: “You better need it for the road”. MAN, I could not believe it! What an amazing gesture especially when you consider the regular price of the hotel. I was overwhelmed and gave him a big hug before continuing my way to Oruro.

The scenery of the landscape was again phenomenal while the road was leading this time more or less straight through the valley. It reminded me a bit of California and the old route 66. Fantastic!!!!

Arriving in Oruro and checking into the hotel Piccolo was recommending me to stay, I suddenly felt my stomach hurting. Not really paying a lot of attention to it I enjoyed my dinner and thought I might have not had enough to eat that day (only an apple at the cemetery). Suddenly, things started to turn out nasty again like approx. 2 weeks ago in San Ignacio. My whole body started to be itchy again and surprise, surprise… I had to hit the toilet, F?*! This time my face got out of control and was totally swollen… I got in panic and luckily and surprisingly Emilie called me. I told her what is just happening to me and she calmed me down. Another food poisoning or allergy or whatever. I recalled the recommendation from Dr. Karl to contact him whenever I might need help. I did so, and had him no minute later on the phone. Calm as a rock he listened again to my symptoms and gave me some advice what to do.

After 10 minutes the symptoms got better and I felt ok again.

What a day… I guess this is life, with its up’s and down’s! I hope that this was the last incident with a swollen face though.

It was horrible, haha.

Uyuni to Oruro