Day 40 & 41: Aracaju to Porto de Galinhas – Simply WOW!

After spending a couple of days in Aracaju and visiting Fabi with her family, it was time to move on and the next incredible beach destination was calling…

After approximately 7 hours on the road I finally arrived at today’s final destination.

Porto de Galinhas is approx. an hour drive south of Recife and offers not only a dream beach but also a great variety of nightlife including bars and restaurants.

The BR 101 was surprisingly fun to drive between the two locations. Lots of curves and ups and downs were making the 7 hours feel definitely shorter. Anyways, there were still a lot of trucks on the road which were a bit annoying.

After I found a nice hostel, I walked straight to the beach and enjoyed the last sunshine of the day at the popular beach of Porto de Galinhas. To be honest I was a bit shocked about the numbers of people at the beach. It was packed! Literally…

Lesson learned! Never go on a weekend to one of the most popular beaches in Brazil!

Luckily, I had the chance to go back again the next morning and indeed I found paradise. Even though there were already people at the beach it was nothing compared to yesterday and I enjoyed a long walk at the amazing beach as well as a bath in the crystal clear emerald blue sea.

Simply wonderful and a must see destination!

Amazing Porto de Galinhas

Acaraju to Porto de Galinhas