Day 43 to 45: Recife to Tibau do Sul – Paraiso!

I am sitting in a charming creperie on a wooden platform directly at the sea, the sun is slowly setting and is painting the palmtree and sanddune paradise in a wonderful mixture of red, yellow and orange….

The waves are creating a beautiful natural background music and I am just enjoying this beautiful moment and am thinking how wonderful life can be.

Just the perfect end after a day on the road I told myself. Well, in fact it took me just 3 hours from Recife to Pipa but the heat of Brazil is an excelerator for fatigue. Furthermore, I did not drink enough and suffered of headache unfortunately. I immediately ordered two fresh ice cold coconuts which were the perfect isotonic drink for a dehydrated biker like me, lol.

First, I was not sure if I should be staying in Pipa or in the neighbour village of Tibau do Sul. Andre told me about a magical place (the creperie) where to see one of the most beautiful sunsets which made me curious.

When I arrived and saw the resort situated in one of the most beautiful settings I had no doubt anymore where to stay.

A beautiful hotel just next to the sea and the coast with a nice swimmingpool and gorgeous garden, hammocks and chill out area made me feel like in paradise. I decided to have something special again…

The next days I was exploring the beautiful beaches around Pipa which are backed up by steep cliffs, giving it a truly special flair.

I used to come early in the morning when most tourists were still recovering from their night outs, lol. Pipa is famous for its dolphins swimming close by to Praia do Golfinhos. Even though I spent most of the time in the water I did not really see one unfortunately. What I saw instead where plenty of boats from Pipa which brought tourists along the coast in hope to find those beautiful creatures.

Pipa is really touristic but a beautiful place in the end. It was also the only place in Brazil where I saw the first Chinese tourists, lol.

However, I was looking forward to go back again to my Creperie and to see another magical sunset while enjoying a Caipirinha. I just loved those evenings… when I missed the dolphins at the beach I unexpectedly saw them while enjoying the sunset. Magical!

I just loved my time here…

Recife to Tibau do Sul