Day 46: Tibau do Sul to Natal – A Meeting With Local BMW Bikers

My number plate got lose and I had to go to the next garage to fix it… I was afraid to lose it again (like it happened in Bolivia last year). Also, I needed a new lubricant for my bike’s chain. Therefore…

I decided to stop at the BMW dealer in the next town of Natal.

Once arriving, I got suddenly surrounded by plenty of other bikers who were interested in my bike and obviously in my travel history.

Not only did the BMW dealer fix my plate for free but I found myself invited to a Brazilian chicken wing BBQ and beers, lol.

Furthermore, I got even invited to a private guided city tour… with three other bikers of course 🙂

People were just incredibly friendly and gave me even recommendations what to see along my way…

It is always a pleasure to meet BMW motorbikers and especially those ones from Natal!

Another amazing experience in this beautiful country!

Gente boa…

Tibau do Sul to Natal