Day 5: Ponta Grossa to Cascavel

Today I was planning to make half the trip between Ponta Grossa and Foz do Iguazu, staying possibly in a smaller city on my way. A plan is only a guideline and I ended up somewhere else…

The road today was nothing special which I already knew in advance. Anyways, since 250 km a day is usually enough on a bike, I thought it would be good to split the way to Foz do Iguazu into two halves. Unfortunately, the small town’s hotel I was choosing before was closed… sweet! Also many other shops, restaurants etc. did not seem to be open anywhere else… Of course, it was a Sunday 😀

I decided spontaneously to possibly try to reach already Foz do Iguazu and while I was looking for a hotel I saw an actually pretty good deal in a town just pretty close by. Just another 1 or 1,5 hours the next day and I would arrive at my next stop.

The way today was significantly characterised by huge agricultural land… I have never seen so many green and brown plots in a raw and the landscape reminded me actually a bit of my home region: Rhineland Palatina in Germany 🙂 A bit hilly… and plenty of agriculture but nothing special to really enjoy for more than 5 hours. Just like in Rhineland Palatina, lol.

Along the way were plenty of farmers trying to sell their goods to the many people driving by… sometimes more and sometimes less successful. From time to time, I was also seeing people just walking along the road or even crossing the highway which one would barely see in a country of Europe, for example. Additionally, small paths were leading to huge Fazendas which were built in the proximity of the highway. I would not like to live there, I thought and increased the throttle 🙂

I also achieved the first milestone of my trip: the first 1’000 km… hurray 🙂

Tomorrow Foz do Iguazu and the famous waterfalls 😀

Route from Ponta Grossa to Cascavel