Day 51 & 52: Jericoacoara to Lençoise Maranhenses – Bucketlist!!!!

Before we reached the ultimate bucket list destination Lençois Maranhenses we made a short pitstop in Parnaiba. Nothing special really but a fun night in a hostel together with other travellers. On the next day a “surprise” was waiting for us, lol.

I did not know why my GPS did not want to guide us directly to the National Park but was proposing an alternative route. A short detour of an additional 2 hours… “Fu** it, I thought. Let’s take the short cut and take those small roads which are not visible on the GPS but on Google Maps. Jackpot!!!!!

Suddenly we found ourselves in the middle of a mud “road”… Of course it was raining cats and dogs the day and night before. I had to be careful not to slip away since the mud was dangerously slippy at some parts of the road. Ana Paula obviously had fun though, lol.

Until… well, until a complete part of the road got washed away, hahaha. Where there was a road there was now… well… water… and mud!

While the 4×4 cars had difficulties to cross over it was simply impossible for the buses and trucks. I could not believe my eyes but was excited to master this challenge.

Ana Paula had to get off the bike and take a short walk through the refreshing wet while a couple of guys helped me to navigate my bike through the stream.

Everything went perfectly fine… just my bike got a “little” bit dirty, lol.

When we finally arrived in Barreirinhas we did not waste any time and booked immediately a 2 day tour into the National Park of Lençois Maranhenses. At first I was a bit sceptical because of the weather… it was quite cloudy and I was afraid it would take the magic away.

BUT especially this weather condition gave the place a magic touch with spectacular cloud  formations in the background … and of course the amazing water bodies embedded by untouched sand dunes.

It is funny… The Brazilians were just walking to the first water basin equipped with a cooler box full of beer and music and took a 1,5 hours bath, lol. I could not believe it, really.

There was one of the most amazing landscapes in the world and all people were thinking of were taking selfies and posting them on instagram, haha.

I had also to convince Ana Paula to walk a bit further 😀 It was so worth it… Untouched landscapes… nature… just us… the sand… the water… and this incredible atmosphere.

It could have not been better!!!! We took a bath in the warm water while soaking in the present moment.

Words can hardly describe the sensation I was feeling that day!

When I thought it would be impossible to even match the experience I was taught something better the next day, lol.

We went deep inside Lençois Maranhenses to reach a tiny fisherman village on the coast of the National Park which was only possible by a transformed 4×4. Together with some other guys we had the fun of our lifetime, lol.

The car went deep into the paddles and when there was just water and I thought we had to return the driver was deep diving straight into the “lake”, haha. Up and Down, Left to the Right and back again. Our faces were hurting from laughing… what an adventure!

Once we arrived in Atins we had again some time to explore the local beach and ended up in a super cool beach bar with electronic music.

Next beach vacations are already booked 😀

This is a must visit destination!!!!

Lençois Maranhenses

Jericoacoara to Lençois Maranheses