Day 51: The Burial Towers of Sillustani

I was actually planning to drive straight to Cusco, doing as many kilometers as possible until I met a true adventure family at breakfast. The “Indiana Jones” explored Peru and Bolivia by a 4×4 and convinced me that even with kids it is still possible to have adventure holidays. Part of the excitement was a poisonous snake in their base camp deep in the jungle… you would not believe it and neither did I… they met a cobra! I only believed it when I saw the pictures! OMG! Well… they survived, lol. 

However, They gave me highly valuable recommendations for the day and I spontaneously decided to skip Cusco and followed their advice instead.

After finishing breakfast I packed my stuff and drove approx. 45 minutes to a place called Sillustani. I did not really know what to expect and only heard it should be a beautiful place with some kind of archaeological sights. The ride was really pretty and was even topped when arriving there. Directly at Sillustani I passed a beautiful lake called Omayo in which quite a lot of birds and other animals were looking for a refreshment. I could not believe my eyes but spotted indeed a beautiful Flamingo which was simply beautiful… It is always so much better to see animals in their natural habitat instead of zoos. Wow!

Anyways, while arriving in Sillustani I parked my bike at the official parking, payed 10 bucks and made my way up the street which lead me finally to a hill with large cylindrical towers. Apparently, those wonders of stone are large tombs from a pe-Inca culture, the so called Pukara. It is said that the distinct civilisation used to bury their elite there. Scientists were discovering several mummified person with plenty of jewellery and gold in their tombs.

While I was exploring the fascinating sight, I funnily discovered myself looking for possible hidden spots and was hoping to be able to find something extraordinary new, like Indiana Jones, lol. Unfortunately, I only made new discoveries in my fantasy. It was exciting though, lol.

It was not only amazing to explore the archaeological sight but also the breathtaking landscape which was surrounding the hill. I was super happy to have stopped there and forgot all about the time which was passing super quickly.

I still had to make it to my final destination of the day: The incredible rainbow mountains.

Before meeting the adventurous family I was almost skipping the place since I have heard it would be extremely exhausting. “When they managed to do it, I would do it as well”, I told myself, lol.

Arriving late in the evening and driving on a dirt road through the forrest and mountain I did not make it to the place the family recommended me to stay. Suddenly, after a curve I spotted two Peruvians outside a VERY basic cottage and asked for the homestay. They said there would be no more coming but I could be staying at their place. Relieved, I agreed and asked for the price. The guy only said it would be extremely cheap and did not answer my question.

Well, after checking out the place I could not imagine it to be any expensive since it reminded me more of a place to keep animals than people. It was unbelievable dirty and luckily I had my sleeping bag with me which I immediately put on the bed. While he tried to tidy up a bit the mess (which was impossible), I immediately realised that he spontaneously decided to take me on. However, I should really not complain since I don’t know when I would have arrived in the next village and 5 minutes after spending in my new home it was already pitch black outside.

The host was really kind and offered me something to eat and to drink. After seeing where he stored his food I gladly refused the dinner but happily accepted a coca tea which he served with some traditional Peruvian music. The tea was delicious tho, lol.

At 9 pm it was already bed time and the guy slept of course in the same room as I did, luckily not in the same bed. Before it was also time for myself to go to bed, I had to go a last time to the toilet and asked him for the bathrooms. He went together with me downstairs (which was actually more a climb since the stairs were outside the cottage and absolutely steep) and another 50 meters away from the house just to show me a dark place down a little path of the mountain. When he went away I decided to pee into the bush instead, lol. The way down the mountain was pitch black and I did not see anything… I hope he would not be mad at me but nature is nature, right?  (the next morning I went back again just to see some wooden blanks hidden behind some green bushes – a primitive toilet without toilet paper, running water, soap or anything else from a modern world).

However, I was happy to have found an accommodation in the middle of nowhere and tried to forget my sorrows…

Buenos Noche!

Puno to Sillustani to Vinicunca Mountains