Day 53: Barreirinhas to São Luís – The Brazilian Capital of Reggae Music

São Luís came unexpected as a nice surprise. It was Easter Sunday and apart from the main square and a cool reggae festival the city was a ghost town…

Somehow I thought the hostel would have an onsite parking for my bike which was unfortunately not the case.

I had to leave it on the street which made me a bit nervous to be honest. The town seemed not to be that safe but what other choice did I have. The owner of the hostel proposed me to park the bike inside his building but the entrance was way too narrow…

However, my sorrows were soon forgotten while enjoying some caipirinhas and layed back music at the fantastic Reggae concert.

It was the first time I saw people dancing together as couples on this kind of music which was kind of weird but somehow Brazilians can make anything happen 🙂

Thereafter, we were strolling through the town and admired the atmosphere which could have been in Havana as well 🙂

It was our last day unfortunately and we had to say already good bye… what an amazing time we had together!!!! Obrigado minha linda!!!!

Reggae Festival in São Luís

Lençois Maranheses to São Luís