Day 53: Cusco – A Nice Old Town and My First Ceviche

Enjoying the benefits of a large town, I was happy to see Starbucks again and immediately spent almost the whole day in one of their large chairs. It is extremely difficult to find coffee shops in Peru, if not impossible. I always assumed South America would be a heaven for coffee lovers When asking for coffee in hotels, I’ll either get an instant coffee or a cold coffee concentrate with hot water served. Rather disappointing…

However, Cusco luckily had a Starbucks and it was a pleasure to enjoy a nice cappuccino again 🙂 Cusco like so many other towns in South America is living from the beauty of its plaza, where the whole action is taking place. People are either simply sitting on a bench, enjoying an ice cream or watching people passing by.

In the evening I went together with Colin, a former high school teacher and meanwhile globetrotter from Scotland, to a beautiful bar where we enjoyed a Pisco Sour. Incredibly, there were so many different flavours that it was almost impossible to make a choice. I would have loved to try the whole selection but one was sufficient for the start, lol.

Afterwards we went to another beautiful location in town, a high class fish restaurant directly at the plaza where I tried my first Ceviche which is basically raw fish in a lime sauce and chillies. Simply delicious! And what could accompany such a meal better than a second Pisco Sour 😀

To be honest with you, I did not really see a lot from Cusco but enjoyed instead the various moments I had at Starbucks, in the bar and the restaurant, lol.

Another day passed by and I felt tired to bed. Good night folks…