Day 56: Ayacucho to Huancayo- A Magical Detour via Huancavelica

RPM… Rotations Per Minute… around 4000 exactly! This is where the symphony starts to kick in and where nature, my motorbike and me becomes one! There is nothing else but the road ahead of me, no sorrows or worries. Just the perfect ride along the most incredible sceneries on this planet, the shining sun and the perfectly blue sky.

Luckily, my GPS had other plans with me than I originally planned. It took me more than an hour to find my way out of the town, due to roadworks, narrow streets or no streets at all and really bad traffic. When my GPS suddenly suggested a new way I was rather happy than suspicious.

However, I only started to ask myself if the way would be indeed the correct one after I found myself on a one-way lane and the pot holes were getting bigger and bigger. Also, there was no one on the road anymore but me, lol.

OK, it was really a wrong direction the GPS sent me to but it was still possible to make it to my destination of the day. Luckily, since there were not even small towns or anything…

In the end it took me only 2 hours more than originally anticipated and I had the ride of my life. Those endless curves and incredible sceneries were just mind blowing again.

I arrived in the meantime in a region called Central Sierra, passed from time to time small lakes which had the same insane deep blue colour like lake Titicaca with the difference that there was this time no one else but me.

I soaked up the atmosphere, smiling underneath my helmet and tried to not cry of happiness… which did not work out, lol.

Later on en route I discovered impressively looking kind of palm trees, so called Puya Raimondii, the worlds largest bromeliad which is only found in a few isolated areas of the Andes. Incredible, what one sees during traveling. It is something I learned to appreciate… to see the wonders of our mother earth in the nature itself… not in artificial gardens or zoos.

It was JUST another incredible day on my bike!!!! WOW!!!!

Ayacucho via Huancavelica to Huancayo