Day 57: Huancayo to Huanuco – A Not So Great Day For a Change

Peru deserves the first place in having the worst traffic in South America so far. People drive like insane and NO-ONE would pass the driving license in Europe, I swear!!!!! Someone should tell the Peruvians that besides the horn, the high beam and the throttle, there is also a thing called break. Peruvians always try to find the smallest gap in the traffic and squeeze themselves in, preferably with blowing at the same time the horn just to say: “This is MY SPACE, GET OUT OF THE WAY”. 

People on motorbikes really don’t exist and are definitely not taking seriously into account. In the end a car or truck would always win anyways and I am constantly trying not to freak out when for the 5th time a car comes towards me and I need to dodge to the emergency lane. Wasted energy… Furthermore, car drivers are having the nasty habit to constantly cut curves which makes driving extremely dangerous in the mountains. I am seriously surprised that I did not witness an accident yet and hope it won’t be necessary.

I am sick of the pollution and the noise in the towns. Unbelievable…

The scenery of today’s ride was just average but probably this was meant to be after the last crazy days of mind-blowing landscapes.

A lot of mining and industry was setting the scenery. Not so nice.

While fighting with the traffic it suddenly also started to rain and even the suddenly changing landscape (which got more beautiful) could not change my bad mood again.

I was happy to reach Huanuco at the end of the day and tried to focus on the upcoming days again. For sure I would not be disappointed… but today I was just glad to be in a hotel room and was watching movies until late in the night.

Huancayo to Huanuco