Day 66: The Third Bordercrossing “Challenge” – Huaquillas Ecuador

This time the challenge was not to deal with the bureaucracy of the border patrol or corrupt officers but with a mean food poisoning from the day before in Mancora. I should not have had the fried calamari’s even though they were delicious at the time.

Fighting with sickness all along my way I was highly determined to make the crossing today. Even though I had to stop several times for urgent toilet visits or sudden vomiting I luckily made it, lol.

But coming back to the boarder crossing: It was easy!!!! Really…

Lonely Planet states the Border Crossing as the worst in all of South America which I can’t confirm at all.

Surely, It took some time to figure out where to go and what to consider but more than time I did not need anything else. There were no copies required which I would have needed to possibly organise in another town far away or possibly bribing officers to let me pass.

The only thing which was strange was the fact that I had to completely ignore the first border station on the Peruvian side. Usually I would have thought to at least get my exit stamp there or to show my papers for the motorbike. No…

Instead I had to drive another 4 km to the customs of Ecuador who are basically responsible for both: Exit stamp Peru and entry stamp Ecuador. Paperwork motorbike for Peru and Paperwork for Ecuador.

It is not difficult and asking where to go first will certainly help. No one speaks English of course…

The border was until so far the easiest! The day driving the hardest, lol.

Mancora to Guayaquil