Day 7 to 15: Campinas – A broken tooth, Lost Credit Card and Unpaid Taxes

What a start… Already during my time in Recife I had some problems with one of my tooth but did not really pay a lot of attention to it. I simply thought it might be a bit sensitive… I have been to the dentist a a couple of days ago and everything was alright! A bad surprise was waiting for me… and much more!

While having had breakfast at my first day I suddenly felt something hard in my mouth and I knew immediately. Damn it… a filling of my tooth broke out. Arghhhhhh!!!!!

It was of course still a public holiday but I was at least lucky to have found an emergency dentist in the same street as my hotel. I asked the receptionist immediately to give them a call and arrange the earliest possible appointment.

One hour later I was already waiting at the reception and well… I could tell why I always enjoyed going to my dentist back in Germany 😀 While the doctor was trying to repair my tooth, a couple of construction worker were fixing the ceiling in the same room, lol.

I was happy to be out there again and to my surprise I had no issues anymore (I hope it would last).

But not enough… additionally I lost my credit card a day later when paying a bill in a restaurant. I only realised the next day when looking for it again. Since I was not sure where exactly I might have lost it I called immediately my bank to cancel the card which they of course immediately did. Within the same moment the restaurant called just to let me know they found the credit card, lol. Arghhh…. (I don’t tell you what it takes to send the card to Brazil!!!!)

When meeting my friends Joao and Alice I also found out that I also had to pay taxes for my motorbike in 2018. Great!!!!! I did not know either, lol. Without paying the taxes I would not receive my new documents for the motorbike and consequently could not leave the country. That would need to be done as well… the problem was that the documents would needed to be sent directly to the address I indicated previously (means to Chris and Carmen’s place in Sao Paulo). Of course they moved back again to Germany in the meantime, lol. We had to go to the cartorio to set up an official writing that Joao could personally come to the DETRAN office beginning of April to pick them up.

At this time I would be in Manaus and would be hopefully receiving the documents without issues… hopefully, lol. Otherwise I would need to leave my bike behind, fly out the country and come back again.

Furthermore, I had to fix the GIVI support (to strengthen the construction so that it would not easily break again on the way), buy several accessories for the bike and also for my computer.

It was a mess, lol… But the three of us had an amazing time together and after all I was ready to hit the road again 😀

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