Day 77: Ollantaytambo to Chalhuanca – A Wrong Turn and Broken Pannier

On my way to Chalhuanca

It could have been a nice day… until my GPS decided to send me into a dead end in Abancay…

The morning started pretty well. No rain anymore but instead blue sky and sunshine…

Where to buy cheap textiles in Cusco region

On my way back to Cusco I decided to stop by in a village called Chinchero. Apparatenly, this is the cheapest place where to buy traditional clothes or lama wool fabrics in the whole Cusco region.

I visited two different stores in side streets and bought two beautiful pullovers for a few Euros. Christmas gifts were already safe 🙂

Continuing my way to Cusco, I picked up my luggage in the hostel and did not waste anymore time. I still had a long way to go and the curvy roads would not permit a huge progress for the rest of the day.

In fact, I left most of the time my camera in its bag and solely focused on the beautiful ride in this gorgeous region of Peru.

On my way to Chalhuanca
On my way to Chalhuanca

Wrong Turn

When passing the city of Abancay my GPS somehow indicated a wrong turn and all of a sudden I ended up in a dead end. Well, sort of… instead I followed a narrow dirt path in the hope to get back to the main road. I decided to give it a try but did not know that the conditions got more than worse.

All of a sudden I found myself in the middle of a technical, very difficult terrain… Lots of loose gigantic rocks on a steep ascending hill. The inescapable had to happen and I lost control over my bike. I crashed pretty hard on the right side of my motorcycle and luckily did not injure myself.

Getting “Fury” up again, I still had to finish the nightmare. This time, I accelerated the bike much more and overcame the obstacles with “ease” thanks to the higher speed. Otherwise another crash would have for sure waited for me.

I checked my bike for possible damages and of course the GIVI support of the panniers got impacted again, hanging out of their hinges. Perfect…

Pit stop

It was still possible to continue the ride but I had to fix the problem sooner or later. This time I decided to take national road 30A towards Nazca, instead of following the same route as last year towards Andahuaylas. When arriving in Chalhuanca it started to rain and by chance I found a nice mechanic who helped me to fix the panniers again. Lucky me.

I shortly considered to continue my way to Nazca but locals told me to better stay the night in town due to the distance and curvy conditions of the road.

Where to eat and sleep in Chalhuanca

Samasy Wasi turned out to be the perfect accommodation after a long day. It came with good wifi, secure parking and an own restaurant with my favourite food Lomo Saltado 🙂

Ollantaytambo to Chalhuanca